Laboratory Jacks

Introducing our Laboratory Jack, carefully designed to withstand the highest standards of laboratory environments. Our laboratory jacks are designed for exact height adjustment and stability, ensuring that equipment and apparatus are properly positioned throughout tests and processes.

This important laboratory tool has a long-lasting structure and effortless functions and provides exceptional reliability as well as efficiency. Our Laboratory Jacks will take your lab work to the next level. Click below to buy today and see the difference!

lab jack

Our Laboratory Jacks Specifications


FAQ(Frequently Asked Question)

Supports and lifts the hotplates, glassware, baths, and other small lab equipment that requires a level surface at a certain height. With a simple turn of a knob, you may adjust the height to a broad range. Includes attachments such as support rods.
The lab jack is used to keep the hot plate up off the benchtop (so you don’t burn a hole in the lab bench).
Laboratory scissor jacks are raising stages for beakers, flasks, water baths, stirrers, and other lab instruments that raise equipment height to the user’s desired level, often 5 to 20 cm. It is made up of metal components joined in a scissor-like configuration between a top and bottom platform.